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 Baki Ookami

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PostSubject: Baki Ookami   Fri May 22, 2009 8:34 pm

Name: Baki Ookami

(if your wondeirng why his hair gets longer in the last one it's because he's using the wild wolf's mane tequinue on the last one)

Name: Duality pierceing fang
Effect: like the periceing fang tequinque but faster than the origanal that it is hard to see where it's heading and kicks up so much wind it blinds the opponet also even if it misses the wind is so strong it can cut through light armor in a instant
rank: C
element: tai

Name: Wild Wolf's Mane
Effect: This technique uses chakra to temporarily enhance the head's metabolism and manipulate the hair that grew longer as a result of this. There is also chakra flowing through the lengthened hair, making its hardness comparable to that of steel wire. By thickly bundling the hair, its strength is further increased, also increasing its destructive power. It's name may also come from the fact that (as seen just before striking Pain,) it takes a wolf-like shape
element: tai/ninjutsu

name: wolf's rain
effect: a mixture of genjutsu tequinique and taijutsu form that lets the user appear to be a wolf attacking but actually is strikeing with fists and kicks this move can be used in a strong one hit strike or a series of weaker yet faster strikes
element: Tai/genjustu

Name: pierceing fang
Effect: a jutsu where the user spins themselves at the opponet rapidley attempting to harm them with fangs,claws, ect.
rank: C
element: tai

Name: Deafening Wolf Howl
Effect: the user can produce a loud howl that is strong enough to wound enemies the user collects chakra in their throat before emitting the howl causeing soundwaves to attck their opponets.
element: sound

Name: Phoienx flame jutsu
Effect: the user shoots flame at his opponet
Element: Fire

wolf's shadow tequine
effect: the user creates a solid clone of themselves ( like shadow clone but uses more chakura).
rank: C
element: Genjutsu

cresent moon dance
effect: the user uses a clone to distract a opponet and then attack through a series of swordwaves mimicing a cresent moon

wolf howl: locator
description: the user collects chakura in their throat and howls simular to deafening wolf screach. However, instead of offence this is used to find a opponet's heart beat frequencey and can locate a opponet and everyone around tham up to a raduis of 700 feet.

Name:Burning pain
Description: the user focuses a immense amount of chakurain the palm of their hands through their finger tips while dong the handsighns. when the user is done he puches out a large amount of chakuras into a fast ball of energy that can burn through 5 inch thick steel alloy

name: drunken fist
Description: by drinking any amount of acholo baki may be able to use the drunken fist tequine which is a great achivement in tai mastery.

Wepons:2 katanas, shuriken, kuni, and smoke bombs
Bloodline: ookami air (werewolf clan and he's next to be leader if his dad dies)

Stats:(only 3 can be 9-10 the rest have 2 be 1-8 )
Chakra Color: blue
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Baki Ookami
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