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 kobe's clan jutsu and rain village jutsu

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PostSubject: kobe's clan jutsu and rain village jutsu   Thu Apr 09, 2009 2:36 pm

Name:ghostly mist
Info:genin level+
How it Works:basicals mist falls onto the area

name:ghostly blades
info:chunnin +, the amount of blade he/she is able to make is determined o their rank
how it works:the user creates thousands of ghostly blades that are almost invisible but can slice though almost anything nad can go through steel or anything

name:deadly mist
info:kage lvl
how it works:whe the user uses this tech it creates a miast of deadly poison that only harms anyone the user wants it to.u dont know weather it is normal or not and the poison is taken in through the skin

name:ghostly possession
info:chunnin +
how it works:u turns your body into a gghostly form and float inside someone and take over their body for 8 posts at most(only for kage lvl to use lets u see ur opponetrs thoughts too

name:rising ghosts
info:clan leader only
how it works:user does some handsigns and hundreds of ghostly soldiers with spears,swords,axes,and scythes,and bows appear and attack whoever i want them to*

how it works:a blinding downpour of rain makesit exptreamy hard for ur opponet to see and he/she is beat to the ground by the rain which is as hard as rocks but it dont affect the user

name:rain wave
info:chunnin +
how it works:while it is raining the user can form the rain to gether and send it t his opponet in a rain wave

name:rain coffin
how it works:the user collects rain around his opponet and forms the rain into a hard substance then when the user wants he can squeeze his hand together and cause the rain to explode with ur opponet in it

info:kage lvl
how it works:the user does handsigns and then punches the ground..when the user punches the ground the earth starts shaking uncontrolably and peices of earth start to fall and or rise and fly at the opponet and waves of earth rock the area as well
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kobe's clan jutsu and rain village jutsu
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